July 18, 2014

Headshot Photography: Beyond 50 & Making An Impression


Korey Howell Photography specializes in corporate and headshot photography. Recently, Korey Howell had the distinct pleasure of donating her time and skills for the Beyond 50 Conference where she photographed 24 scholarship winners who were awarded the opportunity to attend this life-changing event. Beyond 50 is an interactive conference for women who want important information and resources as they begin to re-enter the job market, change careers, create new businesses or pursue a career in creative fields.

Headshot Photography With a Purpose

Having professional headshots and maintaining a professional online presence is so important today when searching for a new job or starting a new career. According to business.time.com in 2012, Jobvite released survey results indicating that 92% of employers would be using or planning to use social networks for recruiting. In 2014, it is even more relevant as social media and the popularity of LinkedIn amongst professionals has increased.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESFP-ZM47E4]

Hello, this is Korey Howell and we are honored to be setting up here today at the Renaissance hotel. We are going to be doing headshots for 24 scholarship winners who’ve been awarded the opportunity to attend this conference which is called Texas Women in Business in the City of Austin present Beyond 50. So it’s a great conference with a lot of fabulous speakers. There is coaching involved-a great presentation keynote. And, it’s all for women who need a little bit of help getting back to the workforce. So, beyond 50…there’s a lot more to be had when you reach 50 and especially getting back into the workforce. Getting a headshot is very important, getting some coaching, getting some mentoring and just meeting with other women who are also in the same situation.

Do you remember which photograph you are using for your LinkedIn profile picture? Does it represent the professional you know you are and what you want to portray? Or maybe you’ve never uploaded a photo? If you’d like to get your headshots updated, or have some taken for the very first time, it’s now more important than ever! It can truly change your life and your career. Please visit our online scheduler to book your headshot photography session.

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