Best Accessories to Include in Your Photoshoot

Taking professional photos to use on your resume or business card is the smartest thing you’ll do this summer. Before heading to your session, you’ll need to decide the best accessories to include with your outfit. While this might seem easy enough, even small details such as which accessories you’ll wear matters. The best way to determine which accessories might pair best in your professional photos is to look at your image as a brand and decide which accessories best fit you and your personality as a whole. 

As a growing career professional, accessories need careful consideration. While you want to add that special sparkle to your wardrobe (and headshot, no less), it’s important not to go overboard with bedazzling jewelry and accessories in your photos. 

Consider these best accessories in a photoshoot that won’t take the focus away from your natural beauty and professionalism. 

Should you wear earrings?

Sure, huge earrings that jingle, sparkle, and shine make you feel confident and fun when you’re out on the town, but when it’s time for professional photos and headshots, it might be best to leave these babies at home. Although, you’re not limited to wearing simple and conservative stud earrings. You should wear the best accessories that exude your personality and best fit your brand. If this includes larger, dangle earrings, go for it!

Wearing earrings with simple gemstones work well when you’re on film – have you heard of our This Is Me videos? Hair length also matters when selecting jewelry for your ears. If you have long hair, larger earrings and even dangling earrings won’t be as bold. If you have much shorter hair, you might want to stick to smaller earrings. Just remember – understated jewelry allows your most fabulous features to stand out and shine!

Should you wear earrings

What about other jewelry?

When you book a photoshoot session with Korey Howell Photography, you’ll feel so fabulous you might be tempted to wear your fanciest, flashiest jewelry. This isn’t always a stellar idea. You want to look your best in your photos, but that usually means leaving your diamond necklace at home. While simplicity might be a better choice for many, if you simply can’t resist wearing a necklace in your photoshoot, go for it!

It’s important to remember that when others are looking at your perfectly polished photos, large, flashy jewelry might the first thing they notice. If this isn’t the impression you want to give, leave the flashy necklaces, bracelets, and earrings at home. If jewelry helps your brand image, your photographer can assist in helping you make your photos look professional and beautiful. After all, photographers are most interested in focused on one thing: making YOU look great.

about other jewelry

Finding the best accessories for your outfit 

For men, wearing a tie is completely up to you and how you want your brand to be perceived. Are you professional, yet laid back? Ditch the tie. Are you the poster boy for the corporate image? Wear a tie that isn’t flashy and doesn’t have a loud pattern that might take the focus away from the most important thing – you. If cufflinks and pocket squares are part of your professional image, include them in your outfit!

Choosing the right eyewear 

If you think you’d rather be photographed wearing eyewear, it’s important to find something not causing photo glare.

Consider buying glasses with anti-reflective coating first. Some of you may not have the budget for this, so consider removing your lenses temporarily to avoid glare issues. Your optometrist can do this, including loaning an alternate pair without the lenses for the day.

Makeup tips

There isn’t any way to avoid makeup, though the degrees to how much you use could become a photography problem. A clean and natural look is always the best approach. You’ll find many photographers who agree about using a heavy layer of translucent powder to provide a natural and flawless look. The reason is, it prevents shine in the photo, which is often an issue with other makeup products.

Always avoid any makeup with shimmers, sparkles, or shine since it may require Photoshopping afterward. Applying matte lipstick is a good way to present a natural color to your lips. If you’re uncomfortable with doing your own makeup beforehand, we offer makeup and hair styling packages to include in with your photography package.

No matter what you choose to accessorize your outfit, we’re here to make you fall in love with your headshots – whether it be individual headshots or corporate headshots. Book your photography session today because at Korey Howell Photography, we’re here to make picture day the BEST day of your week!

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