4 Reasons to choose Korey Howell Photography Group


Work with a skilled team of professionals who bring years of experience to the table.


On location and in-studio photo options are available. Our professional studio is a luxurious space with state-of-the- art equipment, natural light, a dressing room, beverage bar and music.


Take advantage of a full pre-production and post-production process that offers your company top-notch results.


Elevate your brand with visual professionalism unmatched by other photographers.

Where do I get a professional headshot?

If you’re looking for an individual shot book a session at our studio. If you have five team members you need to get photographed, you can also book an on location session right at your own offices.

what to wear for a professional headshot?

Choose a clean business outfit, much like one you’d wear to a job interview, in colors that compliment you. Be sure to pay attention to the number of outfits your shooting package allows for. Some allow for changes of clothes, others do not.

How should you pose for a professional headshot?

Here are a few tips that can help you get great results.

  • Sit up straight.
  • No glamour posing.
  • Shoulders should be slightly off camera to prevent the “mug shot” effect.
  • Don’t tilt your head too strongly.
  • Use an approachable expression, neither too silly nor too stern.

We’re going for a shot that’s formal enough to be distinguished from a snapshot but not so formal that the effect looks staged.

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What kind of headshot options are available to me?

You can choose between a close-up shot to convey emotion, a medium shot to convey a strong professional presence, or a full-body shot, which can be a bold dynamic choice, but which requires a lot more work from you during the photo shoot as your posture and outfit will all play a big role in the final results.


On-site photography eliminates coordination headaches and ensures a consistent look and feel for your shots. It also keeps your staff more productive, since they’ll be able to go right back to their workdays when the shots are finished. Everything is completed faster, and nobody gets missed.

SPECIAL OFFER: Take advantage of our Linked In Portrait Package for just $199.Book NowContact us

My professional headshot gave me a new lease on life.

It helped me see myself in a new light.

5/29/2018 | Preston B.

The great thing about getting my professional headshot from Korey Howell photography was the way I felt after seeing the final product. I felt like a true, dynamic professional. Seeing myself that way was a game-changer, and it had so much to do with the professionalism and care I received while visiting the studio.

The team at Korey Howell really cares.

Visiting their studio is a great experience.

7/11/2018 | Phil C.

I went to Korey Howell for professional headshots. I really enjoyed the entire studio experience from start to finish. The finished product looks great on my website, LinkedIn profile, and even on my other social media profiles. It’s given me a lot of confidence to start the networking and sales process online. I’d recommend this to anyone who needs their professional portrait done.