Founder, creative director, and only sometimes photographer, and with over 30 years’ experience, Korey is the first to laugh at her own jokes and hopes you will, too!

Korey has been described as talented, energetic, and dedicated. She got her start in the photography business in 1990 with a mall-based glamour photography franchise company that she grew to 20 franchises nationwide.

A graduate of The University of Texas, Korey calls Austin home with her husband, Christopher. Korey is most comfortable in jeans, loves coffee and Netflix, and if you ask her about her dogs, be prepared for a 20-minute slideshow on her phone!

She often turns her focus to the community to support organizations such as Young Women’s Alliance, Girl Scouts of Central Texas, Susan G. Komen, Texas Humane Heroes, and The American Heart Association.

She is also not afraid to speak in public and will take the microphone whenever she is given a chance to educate fellow women entrepreneurs.





A eight-year veteran of Korey Howell Photography, Olympia is so much cooler than Korey. 😉 She will put you at ease and get great shots of you before you even notice.

Being born and raised in Austin Texas, Olympia surrounded herself with creativity in as many ways as she could find. She enjoys sewing, crocheting, movies, cross-stitching, and most of all being a mother, in addition to her many talents in the photography world. 

Olympia received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the Art Institute of Austin. Her skills include Digital Photography, Film Photography, and Digital Retouching.

Olympia feeds her creative soul with her fine art photography, telling stories of strength and feminism through beautiful imagery.

Outside of work, Olympia enjoys spoiling her dog, Pixie! And watching Battlestar Galactica – the new version. She also has THE cutest baby you have ever seen in your whole life, @lilmissmeadow on IG.

Michael Samaripa


Michael is an Austin native, and as a self-admitted food/coffee snob, knows all the cool places to nosh in ATX! Just ask, he’s always happy to share his love for food with everyone. He is also a member of Austin’s vibrant and diverse Deaf community, so if you happen to know some American Sign Language, feel free to sign away!

Michael has over 15 years of experience as a commercial photographer, and holds a AA-S in Photographic Technology from Austin Community College. A homegrown talent who lives, breathes, and understands the technical and scientific side of photography, he not only photographs, but also adds digital tech expertise and retouching skills to KHPG.

In his free time, Michael enjoys traveling, watching anything Marvel/Star Wars related, washing his car (you can blame him if it rains), swimming and spending time with his two kids, Halle and Enzo.  





Our professional makeup artist knows how to draw out your best features for the camera. She will smooth your skin, remove shine, contour, and highlight, make your eyes pop, and apply the exact right shade of lipstick. Using hot tools, she will put the finishing touches on your already-styled hair.

Our studio manager and resident Genie in a Bottle, Amy will handle any and every question you have from booking to the photoshoot!