May 17, 2019

On-site Portfolio

Get a feel for how your team’s online images can be dramatically improved with proper lighting, background choice, style and cohesion. Our photographers work with your team to bring out their best.

Get a White Background

collage sentrics 1024x372 3 - On-site Portfolio

Gray background

homeaway 2 1024x427 4 - On-site Portfolio


collage adnan 1024x372 5 - On-site Portfolio

Digital background added in post-production

tnt 1024x419 6 - On-site Portfolio

Blue background

group composite sample resized 1024x307 7 - On-site Portfolio

Group Composite (individual shots put together with Photoshop)

harvey cleary 15 1024x683 8 - On-site Portfolio

Black background

dell dps 1024x683 9 - On-site Portfolio

Printed background

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