4 Reasons to choose Korey Howell Photography Group


Work with a skilled team of professionals who bring years of experience to the table.


On location and in-studio photo options are available. Our professional studio is a luxurious space with state-of-the- art equipment, natural light, a dressing room, beverage bar and music.


Take advantage of a full pre-production and post-production process that offers your company top-notch results.


Elevate your brand with visual professionalism unmatched by other photographers.

What is the difference between a portrait and a headshot?

A headshot could be a portrait, but a portrait is not necessarily a headshot. A headshot is a professional representation of the subject. It is ideal for resumes, LinkedIn profiles and team “About Us” pages. A portrait is an artistic representation of the person.

Lighting, posing, clothing, and makeup choices may be very different depending on whether you are taking a professional headshot or creating a portrait.

How much do you charge for Business Portraits Photography?

On-location and in-studio appointments for individuals start at $199. On-location shoots at your corporate offices have pricing that’s based on volume. The more photos you need, the better the rate you’ll receive. Our rates cover every aspect of the process, from set-up to post-production work.

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How to photograph corporate portraits?

We coach our clients in whatever setting they’ve selected, whether it’s the studio or their offices. We show them the poses and expressions that will make them look their best. If you’re getting your portrait taken, just follow the directions! You’ll also get to view and choose your photos immediately, since we always use digital photography.

Why should you use a professional photographer for your headshots?

Most people who are not professional photographers do not have the proper equipment to make a headshot look truly professional. Cellphones and cheap digital cameras will not be able to produce the results you want. In addition, most people are not experts on lighting, poses, and other tricks that can produce beautiful, consistent results.

Take advantage of our special on-location offer: $100 off any of our Business Portrait packages.Book NowContact us

My headshot came out beautifully.

I feel more confident about using my photograph all kinds of places.

6/29/2018 | Molly C.

I really hate getting my photograph taken, so kind of dragged my feet about scheduling these shots. I shouldn’t have worried though. I felt so gorgeous by the time Korey and her team were done with me. More than that, I felt like my photos were really conveying my professional competence. Don’t go anywhere else for your headshots!

Headshots that land the job.

From unemployed to hired!

7/16/2018 | Gabriel S.

I was doing a lot of job applications through LinkedIn. One of my friends noted my selfie photo really wasn’t doing me a lot of favors. I went to Korey to get a professional headshot instead. That’s when I started getting great responses! I guess a picture really is worth a thousand words, or in this case, a thousand resumes. Image makes all the difference.