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5 Ways to Make Office Picture Day a Great Day

Picture day can go one of two ways.

The first common, disappointing way is that you spend a lot of money and a lot of time getting pictures you’re not even proud to showcase on your website, media kit, annual report, or elsewhere.

The better way is to generate radiant, professional photos of your staff that you’re proud to display anywhere. By taking five simple steps, you can ensure that picture day is a big success. 

#1) Give Employees Plenty of Notice

Employees who show up hydrated, rested, fed, and dressed in their favorite business attire take better photos than those who are rushed, harried, and clueless that picture day is taking place. 

Create plenty of advance notice. Let employees choose their time slots in advance. Ensure that it’s on their calendar apps. Make sure employees know that picture day is important to the company and that it’s a great opportunity to gain visibility in the company and to show the world the contributions that they make. 

You might even build a little more anticipation by offering a company lunch or breakfast that day, just to make the day feel even more special.

#2) Minimize Interruptions

Many photo studios require your staff to come into the studio for picture day. This is disruptive and takes a lot of time out of your company’s day. Stressed-out employees who can only think of the time this is taking from their projects don’t take good photos, and you won’t feel great about the lost productivity. Mood matters when you’re taking professional headshots! 

At Korey Howell Photography, we offer in-office photo shoots to alleviate this problem. Employees come in, take their shots, choose the ones they like from our digital proof preview station, and then go back to their day. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s mindful of deadlines, meetings, and other pressures your employees might be facing.

#3) Work With Someone Fun and High-energy

When your photographer is fun, full of energy, and totally devoted to helping your employees take their best possible shots, then employees feel more confident and allow more of their personality to shine through as they take the shot.

Many people don’t love their looks and can be self-conscious during picture day. We know that the right lighting, the right angle, and the right attitude can bring out their best. We bring joy and smiles with us into the studio. Employees pick up on it and tend to mirror it back to us. As their inner self emerges, so, too, does their inner beauty. 

Even employees who don’t do anything special with their hair and makeup can look like their best selves on their best day when the mood is this positive!

#4) Work with a Studio that Plans for Absenses 

It’s inevitable. Someone will have an emergency and need to take PTO. Someone will already have a vacation or a conference scheduled. Someone will call in sick. Someone will be starting their new job with you the day after picture day. 

It’s virtually impossible to get everyone into an office on the same day at the same time, especially in an era where many employees still work remotely.

A flexible studio will already have solutions for you. For example, we offer volume rates for pre-paid in-studio sessions. You can send over your new hires and those who missed picture day. They’ll get the ability to schedule their session online. 

They’ll get the same great experience here in our studio. The only difference is they’ll need to travel and make time to see us, and the employees who were present for picture day won’t. We’ll send the digital images straight to you when their personal picture day is all done.

#5) Work with a Studio that Plans for Staff Changes

No employee lasts forever, and if your corporate picture day includes group shots, then you’ll need a solution for handling staff changes. 

We can create group shots by shooting every member of the team individually first and then using the magic of Photoshop to create a natural-looking group shot. When an employee leaves, we simply remove them. When a new employee arrives, we simply add them back in. 

Our group shot method saves our corporate clients loads of money and time, and they appreciate that we offer this capability every time they need to use it.

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