March 16, 2015

Do You Need a Mobile Business Photographer?

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These days, whether or not a potential client makes the decision to use your services can be based on a quick Internet search and a glimpse of your company’s online profile. Having quality headshots taken by a professional business photographer can have a major influence on the perception of your business, and therefore, a major influence on your bottom line.  Professional images help strengthen your brand, and could be the difference between gaining a new client, or being passed on by. So, what do your photos say about you and your staff?  Do they match up with the company image you are trying to project?

We know that getting your employees together at the same time in the same place is no easy feat.  But if a potential field trip to the studio is holding you back from improving your company image, a solution is here!  Hiring a professional mobile business photographer takes the time and headache out of coordinating a group photo shoot.

Korey Howell Photography can work around your business’ timelines and deadlines. We have everything needed to produce studio quality images in your office, at your convenience.  It’s also the perfect opportunity to take advantage of your workspace.  As an alternative to the traditional backdrops and lighting provided, we can also utilize your office, showing your staff in their most natural setting.  This behind-the-scenes peek is an excellent way to make your employees and your brand seem more personable and accessible. We are happy work with you to determine the best look and feel for your business.

Our mobile business photography service brings you all of the benefits of visiting our studio, but with little interruption to your daily schedule, so you and your staff never miss a beat.  Put your company’s best face forward, and still have time for that long lunch!

If you have five or more staff members, click here or call 512-331-7744 for more info on our mobile photography services. Let us help you strengthen your brand with convenient and professional headshots.


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