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Studies show that e-mail campaigns continue to demonstrate success when targeting audiences. However, sending a post during regular business hours may not give you the response you want. Two factors help determine the success fullness of your campaign.

  • E-mail type: actionable versus non-actionable
  • Timing of each of these e-mail types

Non-Actionable E-Mails (Informative/Educational)

  • Send early in the week as people are looking to ease into their workweek. People are also looking at being the most productive. Reading non-actionable e-mails will not slow them down.
  • Send in the late morning through the afternoon. By this time people have gotten through the tasks, they needed to get done.

Actionable E-Mails

  • The best chance of getting a response is between 6-8am and 8-12 midnight (Your chances of getting a response increase from 1:3 to 1:2).
  • Send at the end of the week – Friday. People finally have the time to read and take action. (Although you may not see engagement until after the weekend.)

In general

  • E-Mails are most opened and read between 12-4 pm.
  • Use analytics to determine your target audience’s habits.



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