July 13, 2017

Highlight Your Professional Development with an Updated Headshot


So, you are moving up in your career. Working long hours taking those extra courses paid off and now your resume reflects the growth. You attended seminars in your chosen field and you are one step closer to finalizing your goals. Maybe you completed the process for certification in the industry of your choice, making your career prospects positive.

You are at the point in life where business is looking up yet, you still have your old headshot which doesn’t reflect the achievements you’ve made and the milestones you’ve reached after professional development. You need to show off your professional development with a new headshot for your marketing materials. Is this relevant? Is it necessary? Here are five reasons why you should update your headshot after professional development.

1. You’ve changed inwardly

You know this journey of professional development has affected your life, your career, and your brand. You are a new person in many ways. You walk with self-assurance among your peers. There is no doubting your abilities. New professional growth puts a confident look on your face. So, why not update your headshot to reflect the new you. Your old picture is a picture of the past, no longer relevant to who you are now. People will see the gleam of success in your eyes and recognize the smile of lessons learned on your face. You have changed and it’s a great time to show the world your professional success through a newly updated headshot.

2. You’ve changed outwardly

Chances are all of this professional growth has changed you in more ways than one. Time has passed and you look different outwardly too. No, you don’t look older, you look more savvy, more assured, more natural. Your wardrobe has changed too since your career growth. You may fix your hair in a different style. All of these make your look different – maybe more mature. A new headshot highlights those changes. 

3. An updated headshot keeps your contacts up-to-date

When you update your headshot, it gives you a chance to keep your contacts in the loop. People need to see and know that you are still around. When acquaintances see an old picture they may think you are someone who is not active in the business. When people go to your social media accounts or website and you have a brand new headshot there is a sense of continuity.

4. It lets people know that you are you

Have you ever researched a business online? Maybe you looked at a picture of the person you were supposed to meet. You wanted to know what to expect for your meeting, but once you arrive you do not even recognize the person. The picture listed on the website is so outdated that it looks like a different person. That can be a bit jarring. Keep your headshot up-to-date to help new clients recognize you when they see you.

5. Strengthens your brand

Your brand is a result of how your customers view you; it’s your business’s personality. Many businesses use logos to connect their brand with an image. Your headshot is an effective way to help customers connect you with your brand. When people see that you keep your picture current, it brings relevance to your brand. It shows that your brand is staying in step with the times by keeping your picture up-to-date.

If you have recently developed your career or made changes to your professional identity, consider getting a new headshot. Let your business contacts and new clients see the look of your success.

At Korey Howell Photography, we focus exclusively on providing you with excellent professional headshots. For more information about achieving a fantastic headshot with no stress, contact us today!


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