April 15, 2016

Why Include a Corporate Headshot on Your Business Card?

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Your Face and Your Business Card

Realtors are likely the first category of professionals that come to mind when we think of those who commonly include corporate headshots on their business cards. However, people from all industries can reap the rewards of adding a professional photograph on their business card.

How often do you find yourself attending a networking event, only to sift through tons of business cards afterward, struggling to recall everyone you met? In an endless stack of cards, those with a professional corporate headshot stand out from the rest by immediately jogging the memory.  People are more likely to remember someone when they can put a face with a name.

“You go to a convention, and you come home with 55 cards in your pocket,” Don Crowther, an online marketing consultant in Racine, Wisconsin, tells Forbes. “If only one or two cards have photos, you’ll remember those people.”

This method is recommended for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are trying to build name and brand recognition.  There’s nothing more valuable than connections, connections, connections.

Upon receiving someone else’s business card, “Cohen recommends immediately connecting with the person through LinkedIn. Of course, at that point you’ll see one another’s pictures, a virtual way of putting into practice Don Crowther’s No. 1 piece of advice, that you share your photograph.”

A single, engaging corporate headshot on your business card, LinkedIn profile and professional website will make an impression that’s memorable, and demonstrates cohesion across all of your digital platforms.

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