Why is a Professional Photography Studio Better?

Many businesses and companies today consider their public image one of their top priorities. After all, how a business appears to their audiences directly affects credibility, relationships, and, ultimately, sales. Corporate photography and headshots are necessities that help shape that identity. But with all the expenses of a business, can photography be done without professional help? The answer is simply “no”.

We’ll tell you three reasons why a professional photography studio is the best choice for your company’s visual needs.


Along with expertise, a professional photography studio can provide the lighting to get your image just right. This is perhaps the most vital element in a photo because it can make your headshots appear approachable, honest, and trustworthy. You don’t want an amateur photo of you and your employees with inconsistent, ominous lighting.


Of course, the equipment from professionals will vastly help create wonderful looking images that can be used and scaled for many purposes, such as internal use, marketing, and online channels. The knowledge professionals have in using a camera correctly makes all the difference in the world. No automatic settings here.

Action (or Should We Say “Direction”?)

These are the intangibles that a professional photography studio can provide. Photography is an art that takes experience and only the pros are able to help guide you and your employees to look their best. Whether its styling, facial direction, or staging, they can help make the process hassle free, while creating high quality results.

If you’re looking to set up your company to look its best, speak with us today or check out our pricing options for both individuals and groups. We can’t wait to capture amazing images for you.

What to Wear for Your Business Portrait

Having a headshot readily available as your business portrait is a professional necessity. So when it’s time to snap those photos, approach it as a fun experience, rather than an intimidating appointment. It is also important to consider the outfit you will wear in your business portrait so that you convey the right tone. We have a few suggestions to help you dress appropriately.

General Business Portrait Attire Tips

  • Wear clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in.
  • Bring a few options for entire outfits or jackets.
  • Keep it simple when it comes to patterns or avoid them entirely by utilizing solids.
  • Prepare a business casual look if you’d like a headshot in that style.
  • Consider your type of business and dress in the appropriate tone
  • Be aware of the background so you don’t match it unintentionally

The Business Portrait Attire for Men

  • If you go with polos or more casual attire, make sure it is consistent with your business.
  • Mix and match appropriately when it comes to dress shirts and ties.
  • Outfits can have an entirely different tone when removing a tie.

The Business Portrait Attire for Women

  • Necklines can affect the shape of your face in photos so consider the shirt or blouse you use.
  • Avoid jewelry that may distract from your face so simple accessories are best.
  • If your shoes will be in the photo, make sure to bring a few options for your outfits.

Now that you’re ready with your wardrobe, it’s time to get take your business portrait! We offer different types of sessions to help you and your business get the photos needed. Head to our scheduling page to make an appointment with us soon!

Portrait Photography Tip: Focus on Hair & Make-up

You’ve done your research on whom is the best at portrait photography on Yelp and you’ve asked all of your closest friends. Now it’s time to book your session with the photographer and plan for a spectacular photo shoot. Many women focus so much on what they are going to wear for their photography session but, don’t really put enough thought into how they will wear their hair and make-up.

Having a professional do your hair and make-up can make a world of a difference on the overall appearance of your photographs. Clients that use a professional for their hair and make-up tend to be more satisfied with their final product. If it’s their first time using a makeup and hair stylist, they get to feel pampered and special in a whole new way. This unique experience carries through the lens as the photographer captures these confident moments on camera.

Professional Hair & Make-Up vs. DIY

without makeup artist 300x240 - Portrait Photography Tip: Focus on Hair & Make-up

Before Professional Hair & Makeup

with makeup artist 300x240 - Portrait Photography Tip: Focus on Hair & Make-up

After *Professional Hair & Makeup

As you can see, using a hair and make-up stylist makes a significant difference in these photographs.  The differences are:

  • Warmer Skin Tone
  • Less Shine
  • Softer Hair That Frames the Face Nicely
  • Lashes Pop
  • Brows Don’t Get Lost
  • More Confidence is Displayed
  • Make-up Flatters and Shapes the Face Bringing Out the Best Features

Portrait Photography Stylist Options

Before you schedule your session with Korey Howell Photography, make sure to think about whether you would like to use your own make-up artist and stylist and arrive camera-ready or if you’d like, Korey Howell Photography’s staff makeup artist, Lyndsey to make you picture perfect.  To make it easier to decide, we offer a pre-session makeup and hair style for only $59. 

Now that you know how important professional makeup and hair are for a successful photo shoot, make sure to schedule your next studio session  with Korey Howell Photography today! 

*Professional Make-up by Heather Kelly, Hair by Blo on 5th Street 

5 Reasons to Update Your Headshot

#5 You Got Tricked by Your Boss

For many people the fear of having a photo taken of themselves ranks up there with public speaking and skydiving, so your employer may have tricked you by bringing in a “professional” to shoot your images for free or cheap! We know you get what you pay for and you won’t make that mistake again! We make your photo session fun and you will love the images we produce, together. Heck, we even make the process so painless you will still have the time and enthusiasm to hit the golf course or make it to happy hour.

#4 Your Out-of-Date Headshot Reminds People of the Good Ol’ Days

You know your Business Headshot is due to be updated when people keep making 80’s references while communicating with you. It’s really not so “hip to be square.” A current headshot communicates that you are in touch with current changes in your industry and are ready to bring your new clients to the next level.

#3 You Were Recently Laid-off/Fired/Down-sized/Right-sized/Etc.

We’ve all seen the effects of this “new” economy and it’s not pretty. At least it looks like the worst is behind us, so TODAY is the day that you make the decision to invest in your future. A fresh and updated image from Korey Howell Photography gives you an advantage over the person that isn’t ready to hit the ground running. Your new employer can use the image for press releases, trade magazines, speaking engagements, marketing collateral, personnel files, I.D. cards and more.

#2 You Can Use it on Facebook™

Frankly, we know you’re probably going to use your new professional photograph on your business Web site but, you may also want to show off your new look on your social network profiles such as: Facebook and LinkedIn. That’s great, we encourage you to do so. We have hundreds of clients that are using our images for personal and professional usage. We knew you wore that special outfit for
a reason!

#1 You Want to Increase Your Client Base

Get your face out there, pound the pavement! Get busy networking. Update that website and get your new business cards printed. Updating one’s current business headshot then USING it on every piece of marketing material they have is the first step for many successful professionals take to increasing their client base. You need to feel confident in your business image and be ready to hand out cards at networking events.


Why Web Designers Need Professional Website Photography

Let’s say you’re a web designer or web development company. You’ve just created a gorgeous new online look for your client – a new color scheme, a killer layout, a brand-new logo design – the whole thing screams professionalism. Then you ask your client for a headshot, and you get one of the following:

  • The “selfie.”
  • Vacation photo with a person cropped out.
  • Mug Shot – standing in front of blank wall taken by a “friend” who thinks they are a photographer.
  • Glamour shot
  • Outdated photo  – (not usually as old as Mad Men, but you get the point)

So much for professionalism!

You can see why web developers and designers love me. Having a “go-to” for professional website photography means you can always count on every aspect of your final product looking fantastic. And it gives you a major edge over your competitors if you can say, “Sure, Mr. Client, I’ll get right to work on your new website’s design. Our photographer will call you to set up a quick photo shoot to make sure we use a professional quality headshot.” That’s a major added value you’re giving your clients. The client gets a headshot they can use for all kinds of stuff, you end up with a portfolio-ready website – and I get a ton of referrals!

need for professional website photography 2 - Why Web Designers Need Professional Website Photography

So if you’re a business owner working on a company website and your web designer wants a headshot from you, let me know who your web guys are! Trust me, they want to meet me. They’ll thank you. I’ll thank you. And when you look at your finished website, you’ll thank both of us.

Professional Photo For Your Linkedin Profile

Show the LinkedIn world that you are a true professional in your field with a professional Linkedin photo. Present yourself in the best light – not just what you get on your cell phone.
If you like, we can update your profile for you before you leave the studio. Call the studio at 512-331-7744 to book an appointment or use the online scheduler.