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11 Ways to Display Bad Photoshoot Etiquette

11 Ways to Display Bad Photoshoot Etiquette

The beauty of the truly professional headshot is the story it tells. The picture explains who you are, what you expect and how you feel about yourself and the successful, confident image the world sees is the honest image you’ve created and cultivated.

Leave it to some folks who want to bring the “go big or go home” attitude to the photoshoot session and turn a career-building experience into the picture of disappointment with bad photoshoot etiquette. 

Here are 11 surefire ways to wreak havoc during your professional photo session and display bad photoshoot etiquette.

1. Arrive late without calling ahead

Always keep the photographer’s contact information on hand in case an emergency arises. It’s common courtesy to call ahead when you’re late to meetings or appointments and a booked photography session just for you is no exception to that courtesy. Find out driving directions and plan ahead for unpredictable factors such as traffic, wardrobe malfunctions, etc. Don’t make a photographer wait – it only cuts into your own photoshoot time!

2. Bring at least a half-dozen changes of clothes

A professional headshot is not a fashion runway shoot. Choose one outfit, bring one extra shirt or blouse and jacket, and an additional tie or scarf. The photographer has other bookings and cannot wait for your half-dozen wardrobe changes. Depending on which package you choose, you may be able to bring more than one outfit. If you’ve selected the photo package with only one outfit, make sure you decide on the outfit you’ll wear before your photoshoot begins. Bringing more than one and expecting others to wait while you change is indicative of bad photoshoot etiquette.

3. Wear all your jewelry at once

A professional photo session is not the time or place to see if you can wear every piece of jewelry you own. The appearance of all that bling does nothing for the final photo product and can leave you looking less than professional. Speaking of body bling, depending on your employer’s rules about body tattoos and piercings, it might be best to cover your tattoos and jewelry in places other than your ears for the professional headshot. Be proud of your ink, but unless your employer embraces body art, it might be best to stick to conservative appearances for now.

4. Insist on extra shots (without the extra fee)

At our studio, we offer the option to add additional images for a certain fee – which you let us know you want at the time you book. Don’t expect any photographer to include additional photos at no extra cost. Learn about our add-on options like additional photos and adding a stylist to your session.

5. Turn it into a “Glamour Shots” session

Chill out on the duck face poses and cheeky facial expressions during your professional photoshoot. Unless you’re really off-the-wall and you own your own brand, your “fun” facial expressions won’t be appreciated by many. Keep your appearance tight and neat and ensure your image appears as professional as it needs to be.

6. Paint your nails to include them in the photos

No matter how expensive the weekly mani-pedi, it does not belong in a professional headshot unless it so happens to land in the photo that looks best. Don’t count on including them – poses and positions where you’re purposefully showing off your newly manicured hands and feet will most likely turn out to be awkward-looking photos in the end. The best advice for this situation is to keep your shoes on and your hands to yourself.

7. Eat, drink or chew gum

Food and drink mishaps cause stains on your work clothes, spills in the studio and make everyone else hungry and thirsty if you are the only one indulging. Chewing gum during the shoot is unsightly, is incredibly bad photoshoot etiquette, and losing it on the floors or furniture is beyond embarrassing. 

8. Use your phone excessively

Photographer’s time is money, too. Don’t waste the professional’s time playing games or gabbing on your phone. Turn it off, or at least turn the ringer down or put it on vibrate. Business and personal calls need attention, but this photoshoot complements and completes your resume, and the time spent in the studio is an important investment.

9. Touch the studio equipment or photographer’s cameras

Unless you brought your own equipment, refrain from touching any of the studio equipment unless exclusively asked to. None of it belongs to you, and it’s expensive, sometimes fragile equipment. Don’t play around and move any of the lights or camera to get the “better” shot. That’s why you hired the photographer in the first place.

10. Bring your small children

Children are wonderful, but in a studio setting, they become curious. They touch things, interrupt, ask questions. And with none of their toys to keep them interested, they become a distraction. Leave them home with a friend, relative or sitter, and do not consider turning your professional headshot sitting into a family portrait.

11. Talking and texting during your photoshoot 

We’re all busy, so we get it, but to ensure we help you get that fabulous shot, we insist you put the phone away while we’re shooting in the studio. Plus, if you’re distracted from your photo session, chances are you won’t get the best shot!

Capturing you at your professional best is what we at Korey Howell Photography does best. Contact us today to book a photoshoot session at our studio!

An Ode to Badass Women in History

An Ode to Badass Women in History

“Become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid.”– Lady Bird Johnson  

This is the type of attitude successful and badass women possess, and luckily for women in business today, history has left us with great examples of badass women such as her.  These women were so great at their craft and so influential that they are still inspiring others today.  As we come into Women’s History Month, we’d like to pay tribute to just a few of the many women throughout history who have left behind such inspiring legacies.

Hedy Lamarr

“Hope and curiosity about the future seemed better than guarantees.  That’s the way I was.  The unknown was always so attractive to me…and still is.”–Hedy Lamarr

This is the type of forward-thinking and risk-taking that has aided your ability to have a cell phone!  Did you know Hedy Lamarr, born as Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler, patented an idea that was the foundation of secure military communications and cell phone technology?  She called it the “Secret Communication System”, and it was invented to prevent enemies from interfering with missiles by changing radio frequencies simultaneously.  Now that’s badass!  Not only was she smart, but she was a beautiful actress who starred in films alongside the top actors at the time.  Some of her works include Algiers (1938), White Cargo (1942), and The Female Animal (1957).  

The Night Witches

“Almost every time we had to sail through a wall of enemy fire.”–Nadezhda Popova

What’s the all-time most badass career for a woman?  It has to be aviation!  And one group of women are still inspiring female pilots across the globe.  The 588th regiment was made up of mechanics, pilots, officers, and navigators who were all female.  These badass women took flight during World War II when the Soviet air force was grounded.  So, in 1941, Marina Raskova put together the 588th regiment to do night bombing missions.  They would do harassment bombings to wear out the enemy by keeping them up and worried at night, and their technique was genius.  The women aviators would fly close to the target, cut the engines, and then glide to where they wanted to bomb.  This kept the attack from being detected beforehand and added to their success.  Because of Marina’s work, Stalin created three regiments of women combat pilots.  And if that isn’t impressive enough, many of these ladies were around 20 years old!  Now that’s inspiring!

Maya Angelou

“Nothing will work unless you do.”–Maya Angelou

This woman needs no introduction! Maya Angelou has written some of the most beautiful poetry and books, and even after her death, her words continue to move people all over the world.  Her life changing quotes are everywhere, but the best part about her legacy was her sassy spirit. She wasn’t afraid to talk about important issues.  She had the courage to write the book, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”, which brought attention to topics that people were afraid to talk about.  Her discussion of rape, feminism, and racism helped bring a voice to those who were dealing with the same issues.  She was instrumental in bringing a voice to black women.      

Ada Lovelace

“The more I study, the more insatiable do I feel my genius for it to be.”–Ada Lovelace

Do you know who the world’s first computer programmer was?  It was a woman, of course!  Ada Lovelace, born as Augusta Ada Byron, was a brilliant mathematician that.  She is regarded as the first computer programmer after she came up with an algorithm to be done by Charles Babbage’s general-purpose computer.  She was the first to realize the computer could do more than just simple calculations.  

Jeanette Rankin

“Men and women are like right and left hands; it doesn’t make sense not to use both.”–Jeanette Rankin

Hilary Clinton may get a lot of recognition as a female in a government office, but Jeanette Rankin was the first of badass women that held national office in the United States when she became Montana’s representative in 1916!  She helped support the 19th Constitutional Amendment that gave women voting rights.  She was a champion of equal rights, and helped paved the way for all the badass female politicians that came after her!

These badass women were monumental in paving the way for generations of badass women of came after them. They inspire women in all kinds of different fields to aim for the very best. Are you a badass lady entrepreneur who is ready to show how awesome she is?  Come check us out to find out how we can help! 

5 Steps to Start Building Your Brand Today!

5 Steps to Start Building Your Brand Today!

You’ve got your awesome business plan and things are in motion. Now, you want to build your brand. That’s why you’ve clicked on this title! You’re just not sure how to get started.  Whether you’re looking to build your personal brand or that of a business, there are some things that stay the same. You want to connect and make sure that people know your brand. We’ve put together a set of 5 tips, and starting points to get you moving today


Make Sure You’re Visible


You can’t just hide behind your computer screen and hope working away will build the brand all on its own.  That work is important, but so is being visible. If no one knows your name, how are they going to spread the word? You need to be visible. The more visible you are, the stronger your brand is. 


Some things you can do include: 

  • Going to industry conferences to network and socialize.
  • Set up a webinar where you answer people’s questions about your core topic, live and in-person. 
  • Make your social media pages public. Accept incoming messages. 
  • Set some time aside one day a week to interact with your followers on social media. Even one day a month would work. 


Let People Look Behind the Curtain


Do you remember the line “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain?” That is essentially what companies do all the time on social media. They want to be faceless, nameless and only focus on marketing. Here’s the thing, though, social media is social! It’s meant to connect people and let them get to know each other. Rather than focusing solely on your marketing, let people see the real you. Some ideas include:  


  • Talk about the last movie you saw in theaters. 
  • Show a shot of your office the way it really looks. 
  • What are your hobbies or interests?  Share them!
  • Have quality headshots so that people know who they’re talking to. This way they can link a face and name to the brand. When people can put a face to a brand they remember it far better. 


Know Your Industry 


This one should be obvious, but it can be overlooked. You need to be an expert on your industry. You want people to trust what you have to say, and think of you as an industry leader. When you reach that point, it raises your personal brand even higher. The goal is to become the source of breaking news and expertise, whether for media or your followers. A few things to keep your eyes on include: 


  • Trends – If trends are developing, you want to know about it, so that you can tell your followers. 
  • Breaking News – One thing people hate is to be the last to know. Whatever your industry is, this matters. You want to always stay on top of what’s going on. 
  • Your Competition – If they’re developing something new, or making commentary on different events, you want to know about so you can respond in kind. You don’t need to always do so, but you do need to be aware of what they’re doing because it does affect you. 


Overachieve and Overdeliver 


Most people do networking, and business in general, the wrong way. They focus entirely on what other people can do for them, rather than the other way around. If you go up to someone you’ve never met and ask them to watch your house while you go off to Bali, are they likely to do it? No! Why? Because they don’t know you, and they don’t owe you anything. 


The same goes for business. When you’re networking, you want to connect with people that you can offer something of value to. Whether it’s a matter of “hey your latest product launch is wonderful, but this button doesn’t work” or “I love your article, but you missed this…” you need to contribute. Anything you offer to do, do it and then some. You want them to think highly of you because building connections both in and out of your industry will only help you in the long run. 


Just like any other relationship, it takes time and commitment to bring it to fruition. 


Develop Your Contact List


Building off our last tip, for every contact you make, keep note of them. As your brand grows, your contact list will too, and making connections within that list benefits everyone involved. By being the nexus that helps connect people, you build your own brand further. Even just sending along an email to introduce someone to an idea, without expecting anything in return, can help your relationships grow further. 


Some items to keep listed: 

  • Who the person is.
  • How you connected. 
  • Where you connected. Potential opportunities.
  • How you can help them. 


Your personal brand is one of the most important things you have. If you guard it and nourish it, the benefits you can reap will outlast your lifetime. If you’re ready to make a visual impact with your brand through beautiful, professional headshots, contact us today!

Must – Have Business Apps for Awesome Female Entrepreneurs

Must – Have Business Apps for Awesome Female Entrepreneurs

What does it take to be a highly successful, smart, and organized female entrepreneur?  All the right apps!  Don’t spend your 100-hour work weeks doing things manually, spend it doing things efficiently and watch your brand thrive.  To do that, you’ll need these apps!  

Must-have app #1: Dropbox

If you are doing things right as a female entrepreneur, then you are always needing more space on your devices!  Don’t be that disorganized person that is deleting photos, texts, emails, etc., just to get enough storage for another picture, note, or business file.  Instead, take control of your business by downloading the app, Dropbox!  Plus, it uses the cloud so you can grab files from any device just by signing in instead of driving to the office to get the files from your computer.  

Must-have app #2: Expensify

How much have you spent out of your own pocket because the tedious task of writing up an expense report is the last thing you have time for as a busy entrepreneur?  No worries, we’ve all done it, which is why someone was genius enough to create the app Expensify.  It automates everything for you, or your employees, so no more time is wasted on reports.  Simply scan your receipt and let Expensify do the work of organizing it.  It even recognizes which items need a manager’s review instead of instant approval.  And if you have any changes in your accounting system, it will sync it.  How awesome is that? 

Must-have app #3: TimeMaster

Ever wonder how attorney’s drain you for every cent down to the second?  It’s because they are smart and use apps such as TimeMaster.  This app keeps the timer going for every business event you need it to.  Not only does it keep you from working for free, but it nips any time disputes that might arise with a client.  

Must-have app #4: Awesome Note

The name of this app is no joke!  It is truly awesome.  Don’t let Tesla founder, Elon Musk, be the only one that has figured out how to schedule down to the minute!  Do it, too, with Awesome Note.  This app helps you schedule your entire day, plus, you can enjoy your personal style by adding pictures, videos, and voice notes, so it’s not your average boring template.  Not only does it keep you from missing those important meetings, but it also doubles as a journal.  Jot down all those creative thoughts, business ideas, favorite vacation spots, or ideas for your next professional headshot with it.

Must-have app #5: Pepperi

If you’ve been a female entrepreneur for long, then you’ve probably heard loads of advice on how you need to know a little bit about everything and do it well.  That’s not always true–you just need to know the right apps to do it for you!  The app Pepperi is perfect for sales related needs.  You won’t have to waste time on meetings trying to figure out who lost track of an order since you’ll be able to mobile-track orders with the app.  It’s also an e-catalog, inventory tracker, helps with up-selling and cross-selling, increases your average sales order, and so much more!  It is quite literally a one-stop shop for sales needs, and when you’re busy running your own company, streamlining one of the most important departments will keep you from pulling out your hair!

Being a woman who runs her own business is fun, but it’s even more fun using the latest technology and apps!  Ready to modernize your business look even more?  We can help you with that, too!

Advice Every Female Entrepreneur Should Know

Advice Every Female Entrepreneur Should Know

Are you jealous of all the boss ladies out there running their own companies? Wishing you could be as bad ass as they are? Then stop coveting and start doing!  Use your passion to inspire and motivate you.  Your dreams are completely within reach, but if you need a little help getting there, or enduring the everyday grind of being a female entrepreneur, then here are some tips to get you going.

Discover Your Passion

Successful entrepreneurs have found their passion and focused intently on it.  To unlock your passion, make a list of all the businesses you’ve wanted to start, and all your interests.  Is there something that really sticks out, like a love for airplanes?  Or maybe helping others?  If it’s airplanes, maybe you want to start your own airline, but if it’s helping others, you could start writing books on positivity.

After you find some interests, make a collage of successful female entrepreneurs in that area and analyze what they do best.  Then use that daily motivation to mimic what they did to become successful.  If you start out like that, you’ll find yourself paving your own path along the way.  And hey, who doesn’t want a wall of successful women in their life?  That’s hot!

Align Your Passion with Your Female Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Now that you know your passion, it’s time to start putting your dreams to work.  Unfortunately, it isn’t always jet-setting with champagne and strawberries.  In fact, being an entrepreneur is a lot of work, energy, effort, and consumes a lot of your time.  Are you ready for that type of commitment?  If you are ready to become the entrepreneur you always knew you could, think about how it’s going to affect your life.  Decide how to structure your business so it will fit in with your personal life.  For example, if you have kids, a business with 90 percent travel is probably not going to fit well into your personal life.  Structure your business around your personal goals.

Define Your Brand

Have you ever seen someone manage their job poorly?  It’s tough to watch, so don’t be that person!  Define your brand by answering every question there possibly is about your vision and direction.  Be clear about where you want to go.  This will keep you from fumbling through your business, and it will help your customers understand who you are and what you’re about.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What is your mission?
  • What product or service are you offering?
  • Who are you selling to?

Be Authentic with People

Instead of seeing how many Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram friends you can accumulate, try genuinely connecting with people you befriend.  Engagement is what sells a brand, so be authentic when networking.  Take the time to ask them about their passions, or send them a link of a common interest.  The connections you make can help your business in unexpected ways, whether it’s through their own expertise or through connections of their own. Either way, make every interaction valuable.  And don’t forget to book professional head shots for your LinkedIn profile picture so you look your best! 

Make Time for Your Home Life

This can be tricky when you’re just starting out. With a buzzing new business, you as a female entrepreneur likely feel that you need to constantly be spending time with it to help it grow. However, unless you don’t care about your relationships or sanity, you should make sure you are keeping work and home life separate.  If you don’t, you’ll begin taking work calls at home, and before you know it, you’re skipping dinner dates with friends, missing your kid’s programs, and fighting with your partner.  Plus, who wants to worry about work after hours?  Stressed and lonely is no way to live!  So, go ahead and turn your phone off, plan some evening events, and see how refreshed you’ll be for the next work day.  

Asking for Help Makes You Smart, Not Dumb

Remember your teacher in grade school constantly reminding you that there were no dumb questions?  This carries over to your business. Even if you’re embarrassed and feel like you should already know the answer, ask! Knowledge is power and learning from others is what will help your business survive without making the mistakes that kill the dream.  Your fellow female entrepreneur pals know what’s like to navigate the murky waters of starting your own business, and they’ll be there to help you when you need it.

Take the plunge and become the badass lady you’ve dreamed of being!  Now that you’re ready to follow your entrepreneurial dreams, we are ready to help you get the best headshot for your business profiles. Contact us today to get a quote!