September 26, 2017

12 Pieces of Life Advice Young Professional Women Need to Know

A letter to the young and budding woman professional or entrepreneur, 

This is your “mature” and wiser-self speaking. I know you consider yourself sufficiently educated and energetic to take on whatever the world hurls at you, but you have a long way to go before you learn what I know. Here are 12 tips to save you from the missteps and misadventures you may come across during your early years. Here are 12 pieces of life advice young professional women should know early in their career and life. 

1. Start young and save early

Retirement comes sooner than you think (and so you’ll wish). Years and decades pass quickly, and what happens if you decide to trade in the work week early for a life of leisure, or part-time work, or days spent volunteering? Stash cash now, avoid digging money pits like bar crawls, expensive cars and a new smartphone every year.

2. Never depend on a man for love or money

Take care of yourself, and forget the classic Prince Charming galloping in on the white horse. Chances are the “prince” is a financial pauper with student loan debt, a beater car and a better habit of spending rather than saving. When you have your own money, you pick the man because you love him, not because you need his bank account. 

3. Mentoring is an equal opportunity effort

 Seek advice from men and women you like, trust and admire. Take them out for lunch or coffee and ask a lot of questions about their business success and failures because you want to learn from them, not steal ideas to make your own. And return the favor: mentor newcomers in your business.

4. Find work you love

You’d do it for free: You may get lucky and find that perfect job and stay with it for life. Be willing to do something else if you don’t, and work at what you love as a side hustle. That part-time position could be full-time someday.

5. Connect with people

On a personal and business level: Networking is work, and it pays off. The friends and associates you establish now are often helpful in later life as well.

6. Make time to travel

Whether it’s cross-country or foreign travel, plan and save for trips to anywhere else. Eat differently, discover hidden destinations and come home with a different outlook.

7. Give of yourself to others who have less

Volunteering for charity builds confidence and self-esteem, offers a sense of your place in a bigger world and provides the opportunity to build new skills and expand your contacts. 

8. Dreaming, thinking and planning is part of living

Before you can take the big step, whether it’s buying a house, starting your own business or having a child, you have to plan for these major life changes. Don’t let circumstances just happen to you and then blame outside forces or people for the results. Move life forward on your own terms.

9. When you face rejection, just know it’s going to be okay

You might get fired or lose something important. It’s not OK to accept that negative result as the end of the journey. See roadblocks as a challenge to move in another direction. Or just leap over them and keep going as if nothing happened.

10. Keep that resume honest and updated

Never lie on a resume; it represents your personal history. And keep it up-to-date, because even the best jobs go away very suddenly.

11. I would present my best self to the world

To go along with the standout resume and cover letter, a professional headshot from Korey Howell adds another level of polish to your performance history.

12. Mostly, live life without fear

Live without fear of impact from the things that happen around you and around the world.

By following these crucial pieces of life advice, young professional women can navigate the early years of their professional and personal lives while also developing their careers. Starting off on the right foot is important, which is why you should make a great first impression before you even meet potential employers and other professionals. The key to a great first impression? A great professional headshot. At Korey Howell Photography, we aim to help you look your best while making picture day the BEST day of your week. Contact our studio or book online with us today to schedule your headshot session!


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