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There isn’t a doubt that the rise of women in the corporate and investment America, as well as other industries, has been a struggle. Yet, this year and last year finally saw a major push in women finally being seen in the roles they want to fill and are thriving in.

After decades of strong women pushing ahead and fighting for what they deserve, we are in a time of high visibility for women founders, business owners, and industry leaders. The “Me Too” movement this year and the Women’s March last year opened the floodgates, and a lot of other examples of women rising are emerging in various industries. 

How Many Women Now Work in Top Industries?

The U.S. has done considerably better than other parts of the world in advancing women in the workplace. For instance, it took 40 years for Australia to get women into higher positions and beyond the 30% employment mark.

In 1999 here in the U.S., we hit an all-time peak of 60% women employed in the labor force. This leveled out in the ensuing years. As of 2016, it’s hovered around 46%.

Since then, women have grown into taking more management positions, including roles as CEO’s. With well over 50% of women in managerial jobs now, it’s a sure sign women are moving into the coming decade ahead.

Plus, the number of women as major CEO’s continues to grow. Fortune noted last year that 64 women now run Fortune 500 companies around the world. Names like Mary Barra, Ginny Rometty, and Indra Nooyi all run America’s biggest enterprises.

Rising Entrepreneurs

This year, you’ll see a lot of names of the women who are on the rise as major entrepreneurs. CIO recently did a profile on many of these women and the companies they’re fast-tracking to success.

Iman Oubou is one good example. She started a digital media company called SWAYY, designed to profile successful women in specific industries. It’s a two-fold approach in a prominent businesswoman helping other businesswomen get their names out to the masses.

Kathryn Minshew is another name to watch. She created The Muse, a website designed to help train women for specific careers. With expert advice and personalized job recommendations, it tells you a lot about how many women in business are out to help advance other women.

The same goes for Morgan DeBaun in helping the black millennial community. Far too many minority women still struggle to make it to the top. Morgan’s Blavity site is a tech and media company helping to cover these issues.

It’s absolutely essential we see Millennial women have opportunities to succeed, including African-Americans and other minorities. 

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