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On-site Background Choices

When we travel to your office to set up our mobile portrait studio, you have choices for the backgrounds.

Studio Portrait Backgrounds:
Black, Charcoal, Light Gray, White, Blue

Environmental Backgrounds
Using the surroundings of your office, we put your face in your place so to speak!

Natural/Outdoor Lighting
Weather permitting, outdoor lighting is great for business shots.

Digital Background
In the digital […]

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Do You Need a Mobile Business Photographer?

These days, whether or not a potential client makes the decision to use your services can be based on a quick Internet search and a glimpse of your company’s online profile. Having quality headshots taken by a professional business photographer can have a major influence on the perception of your business, and therefore, a major […]

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Take Control of Your Digital Presence With Professional Business Portraits


Consumers have a wealth of information at their fingertips these days. Potential clients and employers rely heavily on your digital identity to make decisions . What is your online presence saying about you? Are people confusing someone else for you online? Take your online reputation into your own hands rather than leaving it up to […]

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Personal Message

Nervous? Relax. We got this.

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Websites to Press Kits: Where To Use Your Professional Headshots

One way to make your online content more personable, and in turn more credible, is to put a face to your online identity. Because your photos will represent your online brand, it is important that they look professional. It is also important to have a variety of shots and poses. This will help people see […]

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Why is a Professional Photography Studio Better?

Many businesses and companies today consider their public image one of their top priorities. After all, how a business appears to their audiences directly affects credibility, relationships, and, ultimately, sales. Corporate photography and headshots are necessities that help shape that identity. But with all the expenses of a business, can photography be done without professional […]

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What to Wear for Your Business Portrait

Having a headshot readily available as your business portrait is a professional necessity. So when it’s time to snap those photos, approach it as a fun experience, rather than an intimidating appointment. It is also important to consider the outfit you will wear in your business portrait so that you convey the right tone. We […]

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3 Things Your Headshots Say About You

Every occupation deserves a headshot photo and if you don’t already have one, it may be time to consider meeting with a professional. From lawyers to actors to tech executives, a great portrait can say a lot about what you do and how you do it. The photo will also come in handy for many […]

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Why You Need Multiple Business Portraits

The days are gone when you only needed enough work experience and a degree in your field to stay relevant in this competitive market. Now you also need to think about maintaining a professional image on the web, and it’s more important than ever before! Not only should you have professional business portraits created for […]

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